Executive Leadership Team

The overall responsibility of managing Triple Zero Victoria sits with Chief Executive Officer, Debra Abbott. The CEO manages Triple Zero Victoria with the assistance and advice of the Executive Leadership Team.

Chief Executive Officer

Triple Zero Victoria's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Debra Abbott, has overall responsibility for managing Triple Zero Victoria.

The CEO reports to the Triple Zero Victoria Board and regularly engages with the Minister for Emergency Services, as well as senior officers of the Department of Justice and Community Safety, Emergency Management Victoria, and heads of Victoria’s emergency service agencies.

The CEO manages Triple Zero Victoria with the assistance and advice of the Executive Leadership Team.

Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) plays a vital role in ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of emergency communication services for Triple Zero Victoria and the broader emergency management sector. 

The COO is responsible for:

  • all frontline operations of emergency communication response
  • the technological infrastructure and information pathway that supports emergency communication services
  • key operational and strategic executive partnerships across the government and emergency management sector.

The COO collaborates with other key executives, such as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Deputy Corporate Services, to align operational strategies, allocate resources effectively, and implement innovative solutions to enhance the overall emergency communication capabilities of Triple Zero Victoria.

Emergency Communications Services 

The Executive Director of Emergency Communications Services is responsible for:

  • providing and managing all emergency call-taking and dispatching services for Victoria
  • collaborating with emergency service partners to support frontline responders in delivering services to the Victorian community
  • oversight of Triple Zero Victoria's emergency management capabilities, including critical incident response, business continuity arrangements, and crisis management.

The Emergency Communications Services team has over 1000 employees who work across three State Emergency Communication Centers located in:

  • Burwood East
  • Williams Landing 
  • Ballarat.

Emergency Communications Information Services

The Chief Information Officer is responsible for providing high quality Information Communication and Technology services to Triple Zero Victoria. This includes:

  • call-taking and dispatch systems
  • telecommunication services like telephone, radio, paging, and mobile data
  • information and geospatial management services
  • corporate technology services
  • network and infrastructure
  • technology projects
  • end-user services
  • enterprise technology strategy and architecture services.

Deputy Corporate Services

One of two direct reports to the CEO, the Deputy Corporate Services has broad responsibility for strategic, corporate and support functions at Triple Zero Victoria including:

  • cyber security and information management
  • finance, payroll, and commercial services
  • governance, risk, internal audit, and compliance 
  • legal services and information access 
  • media, communications, and stakeholder relations 
  • people, culture, and performance 
  • strategy and policy. 

Financial and Commercial Services

The Executive Director of Financial and Commercial Services (CFO/CPO) is responsible for leading the financial management oversight of Triple Zero Victoria and providing authoritative advice on Triple Zero Victoria's financial position. This includes:

  • payroll administration
  • finance
  • commercial contract management and procurement
  • property services.

People, Culture & Performance

The Executive Director of People, Culture and Performance is responsible for establishing and implementing a framework that supports Triple Zero Victoria's current and future workforce strategies. This includes:

  • delivering various services, products, and initiatives related to workforce design
  • enhancing the workforce's capabilities and skills
  • ensuring a safe and positive work environment and experience for all employees.

Governance and Strategy

The Executive Director of Governance and Strategy plays a crucial role as the link between Triple Zero Victoria, the government, and emergency services organisations. The Governance and Strategy team is responsible for developing strategic policy, engagement, risk, and assurance frameworks that guide Triple Zero Victoria's business and operational services. This includes:

  • policy and planning
  • enterprise program management
  • corporate governance
  • intelligence, risk, and assurance
  • communications and engagement.

The Executive Director Legal Services leads Triple Zero Victoria’s Legal Services department, and provides authoritative expert advice and guidance on legal matters and oversees a range of legal and regulatory functions. The Director Legal Services works collaboratively with Triple Zero Victoria’s Executive Leadership Team to support Triple Zero Victoria to perform its functions effectively and achieve its strategic objectives.