Facts and figures

Key statistics that capture Triple Zero Victoria's operations and services delivered to the community.

In 2022–23, Triple Zero Victoria (formerly ESTA) answered close to 2.7 million calls for assistance. This represents a call every 11 seconds or more than 7,370 calls a day. 

Triple Zero Victoria dispatched close to 2.3 million emergency services events, which is an average of more than 6,240 each day. 

Here are some other highlights from throughout the year. 

  • 1,990,436Triple zero emergency calls answered
  • 178,776Calls answered for non-emergency assistance, such as patient transport
  • 7,370 Average number of calls per day
  • 2,700 Average number of ambulance emergency calls per day
  • 1,650,708 Messages relayed via the Emergency Alerting Service (EAS)
  • 23,611,883 Radio calls processed via the Metropolitan Mobile Radio (MMR) network
  • 10,793,414 Radio calls processed via the Regional Mobile (RMR) network
  • 9,319 Cardiac events where we helped provide the critical link
  • 301 Police pursuit events we helped police with
  • 169 Deliveries of babies who couldn't wait to get to hospital
  • 43,800Storm calls answered (132 500)
  • 388,956State-wide code one "lights and sirens" emergency events