Emergency markers design and manufacture criteria

This page lists the design and manufacturing criteria for emergency markers.

The following table lists the design and manufacturing criteria for emergency markers.

Mandatory criteria

Description Requirements
Marker colours must be highly visible and use prescribed colours Front panel colour: Green PMS 349c
Marker font type should adhere to the following standards

Index font: Arial Narrow Efo MT Bold in lower case

Text Font: Arial and Arial bold for 000

Text and index colour: White

Marker font size must be identifiable from a practical distance and optically spaced and comply with recommended viewing distances.

Font size must be at least 5mm per metre

Symbols must be at least 15mm per metre

Marker materials must be highly durable and resistant according to your environment Graffiti resistant cover
Use of symbols Inclusion of telephone symbol in centre row with 000 is highly recommended
White Stroke 20mm white stroke, thick and straight from the edge

Signage materials

A number of different signage materials are available. The selected material will be made according to the characteristics of the environment and recommendations from your signage manufacturer.

The table lists some of the signage material options available.

Material Type Characteristics Suitable Environments
Metal BHP Colourbond™ Steel. Guaranteed lifetime of 5–8 years. These signs come with rounded corners and four corner mounting holes. They endure temperatures of -40°C to 80°C.0.7mm thick. Well suited for use outdoors and windy conditions.
Reflective Aluminium Reflective aluminium signs are made up of the reflective sheeting and aluminium base. Capral aluminium tolerances comply with AS/NZS 1734:1997 and should be used for any application where resistance to corrosion and strength are a necessity. This type of reflective aluminium signs are used in some of our traffic and parking range signs.

Emergency marker considerations

A suite of manufacturing solutions will be required according to the characteristics of each environment, available materials and cost:

  • Emergency marker design approach must be tailored to the unique needs of every environment.
  • Consideration of environment and amenity.
  • Durability against elements and vandalism is important.
  • Reflective and highly visible material is most beneficial.

Emergency Marker design template

The following template must be completed for each environment when selecting emergency marker design and composition.

An example is completed below for understanding the table application.

Environment name Mandatory text Landscape or portrait Dimensions Front panel colour Index font, colour and size Text font, colour and size Installation Marker base material Marker finish material Illumination
Eastlink Trail ELT Emergency Marker
Call 000 and quote XXXX
100mm wide 400mm deep (minimum requirement) Green PMS 349c Arial Narrow MT bold White Arial (Directions) and Arial Bold (000) White New post or exisiting structure Reflective along with white outline Graffiti resistant cover Optional

Emergency marker designs

Stand-alone sign

Emergency Markers stand-alone sign example

Stand-alone large sign

Emergency Markers stand-alone (large)

Access points sign

Emergency Marker access points

Shared pathways sign

Emergency Marker shared pathways Emergency Marker shared pathways with sponsor logo

Emergency marker poster

Emergency Marker poster