How to get help in an emergency (Vietnamese)

In an emergency there are many situations where you may need help urgently. These can be accidents, crimes, or medical emergencies. Often someone is seriously hurt or is in danger. In the state of Victoria, there are emergency services that can help you in these situations. There is one number where you can access these emergency services. Zero Zero Zero. Triple Zero. When you call Triple Zero you will be asked what service you require - police, fire or ambulance? The location/ address of the emergency. Specific questions to gather important information about what is happening. If required, you can choose to remain anonymous. Or request a language interpreter. It is important to stay on the line. Remain calm. Listen to the call taker. And answer any questions. Triple Zero call takers are there to provide assistance in an emergency. They will guide you through the process to organise the right help. Remember if you need help in an emergency please call Triple Zero. Zero Zero Zero.